Lady #raiden pauldrons ready for priming and paint! Added a (probably very inaccurate) Chinese symbol for Thunder to it, since the same symbol is often on Raiden’s sleeve or belt. I am looking forward to this #cosplay coming together! #mortalkombat

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// on the upside, a ten hour flight means I got to watch captain America the winter soldier, 21 jump street, and the Hobbit desolation of Smaug.

I am now fighting the urge to start a Legolas blog.

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// I have landed back in the states. So tired, holy shit

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I had the AMAZING opportunity to see #martinfreeman (you might know him as Bilbo Baggins or John Watson) as Richard in #trafalgarstudios production of #shakespeare Richard III!! And I must say, it was incredible! Martin brought such life to the role, was captivating, and the entire cast performed this complex play beautifully. We were on the First Row, and Martin was literally INCHES from me most of the time!! He even looked me in the eyes several times!! And we got sprayed with stage blood when he slaughtered Buckingham! One of the best performances of my life, I just loved it and even more in awe of Martin’s immense talent! #london #vacation

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Tiny Hulk at the Roman Baths and Stonehenge! I’m a little too addicted to taking him strange places now! 

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Tag game: give us five random things about yourself & pass it on to five-ten of your followers. 

                                    REPOST. DON’T REBLOG.

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#tinyhulk smash puny stones! #hulksmash #stonehenge

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Gorgeous day at #stonehenge today! I am just so amazed and humbled by these immense standing stones. So glad we made the day trip on our #london #vacation !!

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Last night we saw #shakespeare ‘s tragedy, #juliuscaesar at the #globetheater !! It was amazing, so engaging and very well done! Awesome #london #vacation outing!!

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The Avengers and GotG hanging out after their first joint battle...


  • Peter geeking out because Captain freakin’ America is listening to his mixtape on his Walkman and omg is he bobbing his head to the music OMG YES
  • Tony nerding out over Peter’s helmet, flicking it on and off and on and off and promising himself Yup, my suit’s gonna do this, in less time and…
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