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Detroit Water and Sewerage Department put a halt to the 15-day water shut off that left thousands of families without water! SUCCESS! But the fight isn’t over. 

Our friends from Windsor stand with us in declaring water a human right. They are bringing water across the border to support Detroiters, who have had their water shut off.

Meet at the Spirit of Detroit statue in front of the Coleman A. Young Center at Woodward and Jefferson at 4pm. 

Rally with Detroit People’s Water Board & the Council of Canadians. Speakers include international water activist, Maude Barlow, and the director of Michigan Welfare Rights Organization, Maureen Taylor.

After the convoy arrives at the Spirit of Detroit, join the caravan as water is delivered to the People’s Water Station at St. Peter’s Church.

Click here for more details.

Reasons Mark Ruffalo is pretty much the best thing to happen, ever. 

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Marvel Now! Hulk 003 (2014)

"Save your Energy. You’re going to want it to explain to your superiors how you took S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Mightiest Weapon — and Broke it.”

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Group Zombie Apocalypse AU;; we’re so fucked

[ Bzzt———- — ]

'Reports are coming in of an increasing amount of violent attacks. So far, most have been isolated incidents, but trends are appearing in the apprehended assaulters. The most recent occurrence was, an eyewitness states, carried out by a gang. Luckily, the victim has survived and was hospitalised late yesterday afternoon—-'

                                      [ Bzzt———- — ]

        ’ —————-it all began at that hospital where that last guy was brought into; the one that survived the attack! I’m telling you, man——— he just turned into a fucking zombie or something! Don’t believe me? It’s your funeral, brother. ‘

[ Bzzt———- — ]

      ’ ———please evacuate to the Fountainbleau Evacuation center immediately. We are willing to save as much people as we can.’

                                        [ Bzzt———- — ]

' ——————-this is hell I tell you; hell! '

[ Bzzt———- — ]

               ’ You tell me——- how did this fucking happen to us?! ‘

                                [ Bzzt———- — ]

     ’ They’re no ordinary zombies; they’re demons from hell and we’re here to do the angels’ work! They’re smarter and faster than we think! ‘

[ Bzzt———- — ]

  ’ There have been no sightings of any of our superheroes. None of them have been seen aiding any of the humans through out this chaos. Where are our heroes now? Why aren’t they doing what they always do when things go wrong for humankind? ‘

                                  [ Bzzt———- — ]

            ’ Oh Lord, help us a————————————————————————— — ’

                          [ zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz —————- — ]

   ” So———
             how fucked are we?

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Today’s TeeFury T-Shirt!

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        Ten begins the protocol, and the ship shakes into motion. Sensing the sensitive cargo, the TARDIS tries to make it as smooth as possible.


        He places his hand on top of the grasp, sensing the slightest bit of fear. The Doctor’s voice is almost fatherly, kind: “—Hey. Don’t worry. I’m here, and I won’t let anythin’—”


"—Oh, blimey, gotta steer! Be back in a tick, sorry—!”

        It is nothing major, but he does have to drive!

      Bruce has long since figured out that there is something a bit …more going on with the TARDIS than circuitry and programming.  No creation (mechanical, organic, or otherwise) bends the laws of Time and Space like this without acquiring a certain freedom of thought.

     So he appreciates its efforts to provide a smooth ride…. even when the Doctor proves to be a bit asleep at the wheel. 


    Staring incredulously at Ten, Banner drops his hand so the Timelord can search for the controls, instead gripping his seat. “Do you usually not Steer?! What even constitutes as steering when there is no linear path between point A and point B??”

               Best not think about it. Instead, Bruce closes his eyes and focuses on normalizing his vitals. The arrival at this mysterious Ice Cream Planet cannot come too soon. 

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        [Jen shakes her head in understanding manner.]

            "I did go to school for it, so that gives me an upper hand in that area. If you ever need somebody to stick it to ‘em, then I’m your girl. It must get annoying… politicians are just annoying."

        [While grabbing a cup for herself, she adjusted it to how she liked it and let her ears perk up when Bruce began justifying himself. She opened her mouth to cut him off            to stop him from talking bad about one of the best things he could’ve given her as a person. That accident had allowed her to become the Jennifer Walters she wanted to be; of course, there were times where she got away with things as She-Hulk that Jennifer Walters would never do, but she was never the less grateful. She had to be. He saved her life.]

"Bruce, you know that I fully embrace what’s happened to me… You didn’t just save my life that day. You created something so much more meaningful. I’m a hero for crying out loud, and I’m much more confident in myself. You have no idea how thankful I am you didn’t just let me die that day       

        [She paused and let him continue, taking a sip from her mug as she did so.]

"Nobody can understand you like I do, or like you do me. This type of thing changes you… but you’re the only one who gets the alterations that come with it. Never blame yourself for what you did, Bruce. There was a reason.”


      [Bruce tipped his head to one side, his eyes on the slowly steeping tea in his mug. He dare not look up and meet Jen’s eyes, not when she was so adamantly arguing in his favor. He didn’t want her to see the guilt.

      Without fail, Bruce knew his cousin would always see his actions as a form of saving grace, as though he had rescued Jennifer and given her a new purpose as part of his altruistic nature. To her, Bruce was a hero, no matter the sins he committed. 

     But just because good had come from the transfusion didn’t make Banner a hero. The reality — that ugly hidden truth that lived behind all ideologies — was that Bruce couldn’t afford to lose Jen. She was all he had, the only person in the world beholden to claim him as family, if not friend. 

            She was dying….

                                   And Bruce hadn’t wanted to be alone.

     Clearing his throat, the physicist finally extracted the teaball from his mug and set it aside, tasting the hot brew and risking a glance at his cousin. He smiled faintly at her assertion] 

      “…you’re right. There was a reason, and even if it was the wrong one, I’m glad it gave you the second chance you needed. You’re the best of us, Jen…” [Bruce smiled, crooked and shy] “I’m glad you’re my cousin.” 

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Air Mail | Starter for youllhavetokillme



         Huffing a laugh, Bruce obliged Tony’s unusual display of caution and backed away from the helipad, retreating to the open air pool and its connected elevator.

          “I, ah…. I kind of like being around…” the physicist admitted, clearing his throat to mask his embarrassment. He shot Stark a look that spoke volumes, and shrugged, “…I never thought I’d ever really belong anywhere again…”

                                                         (except in a cage)

                                                                   “…You.. .gave that to me.”

         Bruce had spent nearly a decade on the run. Never putting down roots, never making attachments, because attachment got a person and everyone they cared about killed. He told himself that ‘a man who had nothing had nothing to lose.’

        But then S.H.I.E.L.D. had given him a chance to right his wrongs, and the Avengers had treated Hulk like a teammate, and Tony…  who never doubted his genius, even if he had reason to…. Tony had healed Bruce, had given a part of himself, both the Extremis cure… and his trust. 
         Trust Bruce knew himself to be entirely unworthy of, and yet…

             Hulk saved people, now.  And Bruce was finally putting his genius toward the greater good
         He was making a difference.
                                      Because of Tony.

       Banner thought about lavish laboratory spaces downstairs, with more R&D tech and Research funding than the physicist knew what to do with. He thought about the Level 9 Access from S.H.I.E.L.D. The confidence in Carol and Jessica’s eyes when they looked at him.
                      It was…. like a dream.

        Bruce Banner didn’t deserve happiness. He wasn’t even sure if he could be happy anymore. But this… he was as close as he knew how to get.


       Glancing at Tony, Bruce rubbed a palm over the scruff of his five o’clock shadow, “…A-anyway. Why don’t we go back to the lab and watch the Hulkbuster’s camera feed. See what it sees when it opens your present?” 

        "Yeah, I’m clingy like that," Tony says dismissively, waving a hand, brushing off the meaningful words, like Tony is purely selfish in his desire to keep Bruce around, like he doesn’t love the way Bruce just comes to life in the lab, the way his eyes light up and a tiny smile plays at the corners of his lips, like he looks something closing in on happy, "been needing someone more my speed around here.  Not that Pepper isn’t brilliant, just a different sort of brilliant."

        Tony throws his arm over Bruce’s shoulder casually, pulling him back toward the elevator.

        “Sounds like a plan, Brucie-bear,” he says easily, tagging on the affectionate nickname a little teasingly, “retreating to a safe distance and all that.”


      Bruce rolls his eyes, letting himself be pulled back into the lifts with a laugh. Tony’s perpetual lack of personal space barely even registers anymore, despite how his arm over Bruce’s shoulder once illicited a rigid defensiveness in the physicist’s spine.

     ”—ah, Yea. Of course, because I have such a spotless track record for safe and cautious plans….” Banner replies sardonically. He doesn’t bother responding to the nickname (Tony is just trying to get a rise out of him, he knows it), but the scientist can’t quite stop the tell-tale flush darkening of his ears and throat. 

                                 Well. He’s certainly been called worse.

    The elevator descends with quiet haste, arriving at their main labs level and releasing them onto the floor. Bruce shrugs ineffectively at Tony’s arm, lifting his tablet to distract the Engineer. “Two clearance codes to launch the Hulkbuster suit, right? I’ve already keyed in mine. Here”

    Tony might avoid bringing up the Hulk Countermeasures, but Bruce is glad for them. They’re a necessary precaution, something Banner could only ever really trust Stark to possess without abusing that power. Seeing the heavily armored suit on the holo-screen, Bruce feels only a sense of Peace. 

                       ”C’mon, the curiosity is killing me.” 

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Don’t tell
           { me }
                 I’m not a
                        m o n s t e r.
                             I know the
                                     { truth } 

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He’s trying not to Hulk out,” Ruffalo says. “He knows all the science of his body—what does anger, what does excitement do, physiologically speaking. You can’t have deep breathing and anxiety at one time. So he’s worked on controlling this stuff, he knows what he has to do to do it while it’s going down. I’m just laying in there because I don’t know how else to be…