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Red’s Ms. Marvel / Warbird Cosplay WIP (Part 2)

Part 1 | Part 2

The Other Cosplay I’ll be doing this season!  (And possibly every season because omg I love her)

  • Better Quality Photos! Still self-taken, so give me a break, okay?
  • Still need to figure out how I will pin the sash. Turns out it slides down my butt.
  • New Wig from Arda!! Sooo Much Better!
  • Spirit Gum is the Devil, and I am not convinced my mask will stay on when I smile.
  • Blue Eyed Circle Lenses are on the way! 
  • Seriously need to get some heavier makeup to hide all my freckles
  • Need bigger fake eyelashes
  • Need Bright Red Lipstick, I think?
  • Practice posing, for god’s sake! 
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Chance Encounter | Starter for lokibrotherofthor122

    The months following Loki’s failed invasion were quiet, by Bruce’s standards, anyway.

     S.H.I.E.L.D. left him alone, seemingly content as long as he remained within the easily watched vicinity of Tony Stark and his high profile Tower. Banner didn’t argue the point, because anything that kept a government program or two (General Ross included) off his back was worth trying out… at least for a little while. Besides, it wasn’t exactly a hardship to spend time with Tony.   

                       And, of course, there was the Chitauri technology….

   After the battle, the physicist had made a point of scavenging numerous pieces of alien weaponry and transportation prior to S.H.I.E.L.D’s clean sweep of Downtown New York. Bruce had been studying it ever since, locked away in one of Stark’s more secure tower labs. The stabilization exhibitors for Dr. Selvig’s Tesseract portal generator were of particular interest, even now emitting low levels of Gamma Radiation that were unique to the Tesseract’s signature, despite the Tesseract itself being relocated to a different realm. Such trace elements begged the question : did the Tesseract leave an imprint on everything it touched? And if so, could these residuals be utilized in the same way the cube itself had?

   Bruce didn’t know the answers to these questions, but he’d been scribbling furious notes for the last six hours, brow furrowed in concentration as he jotted down his observations in twitchy, uneven scrawl across the pages of his notebook. The physicist’s focus was so intense, he failed to immediately notice the building aura around Selvig’s generator, or the way the machine sighed as it released some untapped reserve of energy, like the final, fumes-powered mile from an empty gas tank.

   All Banner knew was that the next time he glanced up, he (and his notes) were no longer in the depths of Stark Tower. And he was staring an unpleasantly familiar face.


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New Avengers v1 #62 | I went to the living legends store and this is all they had.

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how do you like spiders now clint

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Elizabeth Scott, Living Dead Girl

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"They did yoga on Baywatch?? Really?", he put his hands in his pants pockets while leaning forward while his chin rested carefully on the man’s shoulder. His nose quickly picked that coffee and tea scents that somehow relaxed him, and he did something a puppy will do or a very affectionate girlfriend would dare to do: he nuzzled his neck.

"We surely will need a soft and comfortable place to practice all that, right?", he then slid one of his hands under Bruce’s arm, touching one of his sides briefly to steal a cookie from a nearby plate, pulling his arm back and pulling away from him softly to take a bite. "Cause I know where we could do that.

       Bruce’s hands stilled amidst the coffee grounds and tea leaves. His breath shuddered in his lungs, thoughts stalling in the wake of so much unsolicited touch. He’d known Clint was a flirt when he’d made friends with him, but he’d never considered how it would feel to be the object of that flirtation. 

       To be honest, it was…. nice. Intimate and undemanding in a way Bruce hadn’t known for many years. Maybe ever. Swallowing, the physicist glanced over his shoulder at Barton, falling back into the routine of brewing coffee and steeping tea to keep his hands occupied. Banner huffed a laugh at the archer’s suggestion, shaking his head as he pulled the heated kettle off the stove. 

     ”—-oh, I’m sure you know a couple places for that…” Bruce replied, amused. “But for our purposes, the gym will suit us fine. Or my meditation room.” He gestured dismissively to the hallway leading off of the open-floor living room and kitchen space. 

     Turning finailly, the physicist presented Clint with a mug of darkly roasted coffee. He retrieved the steeped kettle of tea and strained the leaves before pouring himself a cup. “…c’mon. Let’s sit on the couch.
                                                                     Bring the cookies..” 

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